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Dr. Naval Parikh: Cough Types, Causes & Treatment

Most people have experienced a cough at some point in their life. Coughs can be productive or non-productive. Cough treatments vary depending on what has caused it. Dr. Naval Parikh specializes in cough treatment and offers his expertise below to help you find the best solution for your needs. Below we will discuss cough types and […]

Dr. Naval Parikh: Rashes Types, Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Rashes are a common problem that can be brought on by seasonal allergies, an infection or even stress. Rashes vary in terms of severity and location on your body. In this article, we will discuss rashes types, rashes causes, rashes symptoms and rashes treatment By Dr. Naval Parikh to help you get rid of rashes once […]

Dr. Naval Parikh: Eye and Ear Infection Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Eye and ear infections are very common. According to the Centers for Disease Control, eye infection affects 1 in 25 people every year. An ear infection is even more common, with 50% of children will have at least one episode by age 3 years old. Dr. Naval Parikh has experienced eye infection symptoms in the past, so he knows […]

Dr. Naval Parikh: Sore Throat Signs, Causes and Treatment

Sore throat is a common medical condition that can affect anyone at any time. It’s important to know the sore throat signs and sore throat causes to treat it quickly. Dr. Naval Parikh discusses all aspects of sore throats including symptoms, causes and treatments with 10 years of experience as a medical professional. What is a […]

Dr. Naval Parikh: Hypertension Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

It is no secret that hypertension, also called high blood pressure, has been on the rise over the past few decades. In fact, hypertension rates have doubled in recent years and are expected to continue increasing. However, not everyone understands what hypertension is or how it affects their health even though hypertension impacts a large […]

Dr. Naval Parikh: Cancer Types, Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Cancer is a disease that impacts the lives of millions of people every year. It is important to understand cancer and know how to prevent it if possible. Dr. Naval Parikh has been practicing medicine for over 10 years and specializes in cancer treatment, cancer prevention, and cancer research. This article will give you an overview of cancer […]