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Dr. Naval Parikh: Cough Types, Causes & Treatment

Most people have experienced a cough at some point in their life. Coughs can be productive or non-productive. Cough treatments vary depending on what has caused it. Dr. Naval Parikh specializes in cough treatment and offers his expertise below to help you find the best solution for your needs.

Below we will discuss cough types and causes as well as cough treatment options from Dr. Naval Parikh.

What is Cough?

Cough is the body’s natural way of clearing irritants from your airways. Coughing or coughing up phlegm to be exact- allows you to get rid of anything that may potentially cause harm to your lungs, so it is important not to suppress a cough if you feel one coming on.

Types of Cough

There are a few different Cough types that you may experience. Here are some common types of cough.

Dry Cough

Dry Cough is quite common and can be caused by a variety of different things. Colds, allergies, asthma, bronchitis or even acid reflux disease may all lead to dry cough symptoms. If you suffer from a dry cough you must drink plenty of fluids so as not to get dehydrated while your body is fighting the irritants.

Wet Cough

Wet Cough is a result of phlegm or mucus building up in your lungs. This may be caused by allergies, asthma, smoking, pneumonia and bronchitis among other things. If you suffer from a wet cough it can sometimes lead to complications such as respiratory failure if left untreated for an extended period.


Choking Cough is often the result of post-nasal drip. When your sinuses are congested it can lead to mucus dripping down into your throat, irritating not only your lungs but also being difficult for you to swallow which may cause choking cough symptoms. Coughing up phlegm from post nasal drip can be quite difficult, but if you are suffering from this type of Cough it is important to see your doctor so the underlying cause can be identified.


Croup is caused by a virus that leads to inflammation of the larynx (voice box) and/or trachea (windpipe). Croup symptoms are usually not serious, but they can cause severe coughing in children. Croup may lead to other complications like breathing difficulties or even pneumonia if left untreated for too long. Croup is more common in children under the age of four, however, it can happen to anyone at any time.

Chronic Cough

Chronic Cough is usually caused by an underlying condition such as asthma, smoking or acid reflux disease. If you suffer from chronic cough you must go see your doctor try and identify the source of the problem so a solution can be found.

Causes of Cough

Here are some of the most common Cough causes.


Allergies and asthma are among the leading Cough causes. If you suffer from allergies or asthma you must take steps to prevent your symptoms before they begin by visiting a doctor for diagnosis and Cough treatment options.


Infections are one of the most common causes of Coughs. If you have a sinus infection or an ear infection it can lead to postnasal drip which in turn may lead to Coughing up phlegm. Croup is also caused by an infection, usually, a virus or bacteria that infects your larynx (voice box) and/or trachea (windpipe).


Allergic reactions can cause Cough symptoms such as runny nose, congestion, Coughing and even wheezing. If you suffer from allergies you must take the necessary steps to try and avoid Cough symptoms for a better quality of life.


Asthmatic patients usually experience Cough in conjunction with other symptoms such as Croup, shortness of breath or tightness in the chest. Coughing is a symptom of asthma because the muscles around your bronchi are contracting more frequently than they should, making it difficult for you to breathe in enough air.


Smoking can lead to Coughs due to irritation on your respiratory tract that comes with inhaling smoke into your lungs. If you suffer from Cough symptoms you should consider giving up smoking to help improve your Cough.


Pneumonia is an infection that causes inflammation of the lungs, usually due to bacteria or viruses. Coughing may be accompanied by fever and chills, fatigue and even chest pain when breathing in which can make it difficult for you to Cough up mucus.

Cough Treatment By Dr. Naval Parikh

If you Cough frequently it is important to see your doctor for Cough treatment options.

Dr. Naval Parikh offers Cough consultations, diagnosis and Cough testing along with Coughing treatments such as Cough suppressants and Cough medications. Dr. Parikh is a board-certified pulmonologist that specializes in Cough treatment options for Cough sufferers at his state-of-the-art clinic located in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Dr. Parikh’s staff members are well trained to assist you with your appointments, tests or consultations along with Cough treatment options.

Dr. Parikh and his staff members make it a point to ensure that all your Cough questions are answered and you leave with Cough relief solutions and Cough management plans tailored for your needs.

The Expertise of Dr. Naval Parikh

Dr. Naval Parikh Cough’s treatment expertise lies in Cough diagnostics and Cough consultations along with Cough testing to determine the severity of your Cough symptoms.

Dr. Parikh’s knowledge of Chronic Cough causes such as smoking, allergies and asthma has helped him provide several successful treatments for his patients suffering from chronic Coughs over the years.

Cough consultations by Dr. Parikh come with Cough treatment options such as Cough suppressants and Cough medications that can help you get your life back on track without having to worry about Coughing up mucus all the time, affecting your quality of life in the process.

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