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Dr. Naval Parikh: Headaches Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Headaches are a common ailment that can be very debilitating. Headaches have many triggers, but the most prevalent is stress. Headaches are one of the top reasons for missed workdays and lost productivity in America.

Dr. Naval Parikh offers specialized headache treatment at his clinic located in Deerfield Beach, Florida to offer patients relief from their chronic condition.

In this article we discuss what Headaches are, types of Headaches, Causes of Headaches as well as Symptoms and Treatment Options for Headaches from Dr. Parikh.

What are Headaches?

Headache is a pain felt anywhere in the region of the scalp, forehead, temples or neck. Headaches are usually caused by stress and anxiety but can also be triggered due to other factors such as allergies, hormonal changes during periods/pregnancy or sinus congestion.

Types of Headaches

There are different types of Headaches, Dr. Parikh has identified the following Headache Types:

Migraine Headache

This type of headache is also referred to as migraine or vascular (due to blood vessels) headaches that cause moderate to severe pulsating pain on one side of the head with possible nausea and vomiting. There may be an aura (lightning-like flashes) and nausea before the headache.

Frequent Headache

Headaches that occur more than 14 days per month, with an average of one or two headaches every week. This is referred to as chronic daily headache (CDH).

Cluster Headache

Headaches that occur in “clusters” over some time. Headache episodes last from 30 minutes to several hours and can be very severe

Tension Headache

Headaches are often described as feeling like a tight band around the head or neck with no pain on one side. Tenderness is common, especially when you press your head with your fingers. Headaches usually last from 30 minutes to a few hours and pain is not as severe as migraine or cluster headache.

What Causes Headaches?

Headache is a common symptom of many conditions. Headache may occur with or without other symptoms such as fever, confusion and vomiting. It can be caused by the following:

  1. Sinusitis/Allergies
  2. Menstruation
  3. Eye strain from excessive computer usage
  4. Head injury
  5. Headache from high blood pressure/low blood pressure

Headache Symptoms

Headache pain may be described as throbbing, pounding or aching. Headaches can cause dull constant pressure and dull stabbing pain. Symptoms of Headache:

  1. Nausea
  2. Vomiting
  3. Light/sound sensitivity (may include blurred vision)

Mostly Asked Questions

What type of headache do you usually experience?

Headaches are usually triggered by stress or anxiety. Headache may be an underlying symptom of depression.

When did the pain start and how long was it before you went to a doctor?

Headaches can last from a few minutes to several days. Headache has been going on for more than 15 years and feels like pressure in the back of my head or forehead region, sometimes with soreness around the temples.

Treatment for Headaches By Dr. Naval Parikh

Treatment options offered by Dr. Parikh include:

  1. Headache diet/nutrition therapy.
  2. IV therapy with magnesium, B12 and B-complex vitamins.
  3. Headache trigger point injections (Botox).
  4. Headache surgery.
  5. Headache medication.
  6. Headache-specific chiropractic adjustments/mobilizations of the cervical spine, cranial bones and upper thoracic vertebrae.

Dr. Parikh offers Headache treatment at his clinic to offer Headache sufferers of all ages with Headaches the very best chance for relief. To schedule an appointment, please call Dr. Parikh’s office today(954) 782-3170).

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